Our office assistant, Jill, fought lung cancer 2 years ago and seemed to have beat it.  During a routine scan they noticed a growth in her brain, they did some initial treatment and thought that they got it contained, the latest scan looked as if something is growing around that spot so the doctors have decided to go in and get it out.  Not sure of the risks of this type of thing, but Chauvin wants to support her as she will be out for 4-6 weeks.  We have come together to make up a coffee where we will donate $10 per bag sold to her.  

$10 Per Bag

Purchased By You Will Be Donated To Her Treatment Costs

We’re a family-owned business for generations & a great part about that is our employees are a part of our family. We like to take care of our own & greatly appreciate all our loyal Chauvin Customers (also a part of our family) who support us!

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