Espresso is simply a version of brewed coffee, but with very specific traits. It has also become a niche culture within the coffee community.
Technically speaking, a short definition might be: A rich, heavy-bodied, concentrated version of coffee, brewed on demand in a single-serving quantity, in approximately thirty seconds, using very fresh finely ground coffee, with water of about 202°F and at a pressure of about 9 atmospheres, (about 130psi). The coffee used is typically a blend, the individual origin coffees chosen in certain ratios and roasted to produce very specific characteristics when brewed, including a pleasing, ‘syrupy’ mouthfeel, sweetness without any sharpness, certain aromatic qualities, a balanced and lasting ‘crema’, and others.

Our espresso coffees are packaged for wholesale in two pound bags, (unless ordered otherwise), allowing the whole bag to be emptied into a standard, commercial espresso grinder hopper.


A dark roasted blend of five different coffees. Reminiscent of Southern Italian espressos, but without an unpleasant bite, often associated with many dark roast blends. This espresso will definitely stand up to cappuccinos and lattes because of its intense flavor and rich, heavy body. It also brews a great cup of drip coffee!

Available in Decaf



Named because of the golden color of the exceptional crema produced. A 100% Arabica blend of natural and washed coffees from Central and South America, and Indonesia. Each coffee is roasted separately by our own technique, which produces a lighter roast yet reduces acidity and develops a smoother, sweeter espresso without harsh overtones, and no bitterness. Espresso that is truly in the Northern Italian style.

Available in Decaf

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